Cosmetic facial acupuncture

Are you looking for a more natural way of dealing with fine lines, wrinkles and your general complexion? Do you know that unlike other facial treatments an acupuncture facial is actually a whole body treatment and as well as targeting your face we will tailor your treatment just like a classical acupuncture treatment and you may feel general health benefits such as increased energy, improved sleep and lower stress levels just to name a few!

What to expect in a facial acupuncture treatment

After an in depth consultation the session always beings with a body acupuncture treatment where fine needles are placed in the body (arms, legs, hands and feet) these points are used to rebalance your body and promote health. You will already begin to feel very relaxed. Before facial points are needled I use facial suction cups to promote blood flow and circulation.  The facial acupuncture needles are are even finer than the body points, these are placed in specific points on the face that will help to body to heals itself and produce collagen. Patients report that their complexion looks brighter and clearer and more plumped.  Then very tiny intradermal needles are then placed into fine lines with tweezers. You will then unwind enjoying the peace and feel calm and relaxed.

Many of my patients have seen some amazing results, one patient said 'I always feel less crinkled after my facial acupuncture session'. Facial acupuncture results are built up over a period of weeks, I would recommend a course of 6- 10 treatments to really see the best results and then top up treatments there after. As the face is sensitive there is a chance of bruising from where the needles have been, needles are removed slowly and arnica cream is used to prevent this. I then roll the face with a cooling jade roller which will help to move toxins and reduce puffiness. Please remove make up before your treatment.