What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the insertion of very fine needles into pressure points along the body's channels or meridians. This is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has been practiced for over 2,500 years. It has been developed, researched and refined over these years. It is used to balance the body's own energy (Qi) to help to promote healing and well being. Acupuncture is a holistic therapy so it treats the body as a whole and seeks to find the root cause of the illness. Below are some conditions that acupuncture may help with. Many patients find that other symptoms start to improve whilst undergoing acupuncture treatment that they did not initially seek treatment for, examples of these are energy levels, sleep and digestion problems. 

  • Emotional and mental conditions: Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia (problems sleeping), irritability
  • Muscular problems and pain relief: back pain, tennis elblow, frozen shoulder
  • Women's health: painful and irregular periods, menopause, fertility, morning sickness, induction of labour
  • Digestive system problems: IBS, nausea, constipation
  • Neurological: Headaches and migraines
  • Allergic rhinitis, sinusitis
  • Skin problems
Acupuncture Chester
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