Are you thinking about having acupuncture but feeling a bit unsure? Below are some recent comments from one of my lovely patients describing her very first experience with acupuncture before and after her embryo transfer during IVF.

How did you feel before your first acupuncture treatment?

I was a little anxious before we started not because I am afraid of needles in anyway but I was unsure of how it would feel and if it would be painful in someway 

Did I explain everything clearly?

You explained everything perfectly and it was very interesting to know what each pressure point was for and how it may feel once the needle was placed in. 

How did you feeling during your treatment?

Very relaxed and calm. Could not feel the needles at all, my body felt heavy in a way but as though all stresses had been released. 

How did you feel after your treatment?

Again relaxed and calm, almost sleepy I was that relaxed. Made me feel as though I was ready for the next step of my treatment.

Was it what you expected?

No but in a good way, I honestly thought it would be more painful or uncomfortable but it was neither and it was very relaxing. 

What did it feel like? did it hurt?

Not at all, it felt very smooth and pain free

Did you feel relaxed?


Any other comments?

I would highly recommend it, even if you're unsure of it its worth every penny to bring you down to calm level. I still had a small amount of nerves going into the treatment as its a big deal of course but it has made me feel so calm and relaxed all day 

Would you recommend acupuncture to friends and family?

100% in any situation you may need it