What to expect
  • 1st consultation is usually around 90 minutes including the 1st treatment
  • subsequent treatments around 45 minutes
  • depending on the condition, 6 sessions are suggested

Full consultation looking at all aspects of health, lifestyle and medical history that will affect the individuals condition. The treatment will be tailored to the patients needs on the day which may include; Acupuncture, ear acupuncture, massage, cupping therapy and moxa (a herb that can be used to warm the acupuncture point, it is very relaxing!)

Please ensure that you have eaten a light meal or snack before the treatment and have had plenty to drink so as not to feel light headed. Wear loose comfortable clothing for the treatment and depending on what area is being concentrated on you may be asked to remove outer clothing but stay in underwear, don't worry a towel will be provided! Needles will be retained for 20- 30 minutes.



£45 Consultation including first treatment (up to 90 mins)
£40 Follow up appointments (45  mins)
£60 Cosmetic (Facial Rejuvenation) acupuncture (up to 90 mins)

Acupuncture offer
6 treatments for the price of 5
A course of follow up acupuncture treatments (not including your 1st consultation or facial acupuncture) £200 saving £40

6 Cosmetic acupuncture treatments for the price of 5 (saving £60)

Hopi ear candle treatment

Payment Methods
Bank transfer or cash, Thank you
Health insurance, please check with your health insurance provider to see if acupuncture is included. I am able to give you a receipt and invoice if this is necessary 

 I value my time and expertise very highly and ask patients to please give me 48 hours notice if you would like to cancel or rearrange your appointment. If appointments are missed you will be charged the full amount. When booking your appointment 50% of the balance is payable before the treatment to secure your treatment slot.

Thank you for your understanding!

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