I had been troubled for years with hip pain due to bursitis. The pain had recently become more acute at night which was impacting on the quality of my sleep. I decided to try acupuncture as I had heard that it was good for managing/reducing pain. I was quite interested as to how this would help but I had nothing to lose!

Kimberly was encouraging and thorough from the beginning and extremely professional in her approach. I felt the positive benefit from the first session and had my first uninterrupted sleep that night. Wow! After 6 sessions I felt confident that the improvement was sustained - I don’t expect my bursitis to disappear but it is much less painful and I am using pain killers a lot less.
I would be happy to recommend acupuncture in general and Kimberly in particular. She put me at my ease right away, is respectful and clearly very experienced.

Kate- Treatment for hip pain

I would fully recommend Kimberly Clark Acupuncture. She has really helped me with my migraines. I was getting them 2-3 times a week which is miserable. My doctor was only offering strong painkillers which don’t do anything to treat the cause, only the symptoms. Kimberly has been fabulous, she really listens to you and what you want to achieve. Most importantly she has got real results, I have only had one migraine and a headache in about a month and a half since starting treatment. I also have a lot more energy and am calmer and more able to cope with stress at work. Thank you!

Treatment for migraine

I have endured lower back pain for serval years and despite physiotherapy, and other treatments, there has been no marked improvement- until now. Improvement occurred after only 2 treatments and to say that I am pleased with the results so far is an understatement. Prior to each treatment full and precise explanations are given in a clear and professional manor and therefore I have no hesitation in recommending Kimberly to others with similar problems.

Keith- Treatment for lower back pain

I'm only on my second session with Kim but I can honestly say that I am feeling a whole lot better than I was previous to the treatment. I contacted Kim as I have been suffering from severe panic attacks since loosing my mum. The initial consultation was an in-depth holistic analysis of my overall health in the past 10 years and then a gentle introduction to the therapeutic effects of a very experienced acupuncture therapist, after which I came away feeling that some tension had left me and something positive was happening to me. Today, at my second sessions, I felt so able to speak to Kim and tell her every detail (that is always in the back of my mind but think is trivial to talk to drs etc about, and therefore something I NEVER do) and funnily enough, the little things did add to the bigger picture, and helped Kim to treat me today in a way that was true to my needs at that exact point in time. She talked me through everything; which pressure points are linked to which organ and what organ is representative of. She also offered lifestyle advice, breathing exercises and pointers in the direction of self research. I felt so positive and full of energy after leaving the appointment. I can't recommend this lady enough.

Claire- Treatment for anxiety 

I have been receiving acupuncture from Kim for over 6 weeks now. I found Kim's page on Facebook and as she was local I dropped her an email and she promptly rang me at a time that was convenient to me. A face to face consultation was arranged and Kim introduced herself and appeared to be very warm and friendly. I was shown her treatment room which was very welcoming, clean and tidy. I had very little knowledge about acupuncture as a friend had recommended it alongside some medical treatment I was receiving at the time. Kim explained thoroughly exactly what the treatment is, what it involves and how it helps. I was asked questions about all aspects of my life and health so my treatment was tailored around my specific needs and to ensure it remained holistic. Each session was tailor to how I was feeling at the time, and Kim administered the treatment accordingly. I had definitely helped with side effects from the medication I was taking and helped me remain calm and distress. I have thoroughly enjoyed each session I have received and I would highly recommend Kim. She is very professional, supportive and has a genuine caring nature who takes pride in the service she delivers. 

Rachel- treatment for well being and stress relief, help with side effects from medication

Kimberly Clark has been a life saver for me. I was suffering from the after-effects of an accident three weeks earlier and my GP said there was no cure as it was neuralgia and pain killers were the only answer. But unable to stand the excruciating pain down my shoulder, I decided to try alternative medicine, for example, acupuncture. Kimberly Clark was happy to see me the same afternoon. I haven't looked back since. Not only has she cured the pain in my shoulder but has also addressed long-standing abdominal problems and chronic chest problems too. She is very professional and explains very clearly what she hopes to achieve and gives her patient a feeling of confidence and hope. I would recommend Kimberly Clark to anyone with a chronic ailment or even suffering the after-effects of an accident as I did.

David, Treatment for shoulder and neck

When I began seeing Kimberly for acupuncture I was feeling pretty bruised following years of fertility struggles. I hoped the acupuncture would help with stress relief and fertility including regulating my menstrual cycle. My recent blood tests pointed to elevated hormones associated with stress, which could be causing my cycles to be irregular. Kimberly was very pleasant, professional and kind, and extremely thorough in her assessment. After the first session, I began to notice a sense of wellbeing, mentally and physically and this has grown in the past month. Kimberly also gave me some advice on nutrition and gentle exercise which I have begun to implement along side my meditation practice. I have had four weekly sessions with Kimberly so far. During this time, I have lost 5 pounds and my latest blood tests show that the stress related hormone level has dropped to a normal range. As well, my specialist says that my FSH (Follicle- stimulating hormone) levels are far better than expected. I am very grateful to Kimberly who has shared her vast experience and knowledge with me and who has taken the time in every session to target my individual needs. I look forward to continuing to work with her towards improved health.

Laura, treatment for fertility and well being

After months of pondering, I mustered up the courage after seeing Kim's website and page, which, might I point out, explained things to me very clearly and in great detail. Initially on arrival I was shown the clinic, offered a glass of water, before proceeding with the appointment. The room was extremely clean and she takes hygiene very seriously. She also explained to me very clearly about what she was doing. One thing was apparent, was her care about my general well being, as well as the reasons I wanted acupuncture in the first place. I feel great already, thank you.

Phil, Treatment for tinnitus

I made an appointment with Kimberly after we had been trying for a baby for 2 years without any luck. Making an appointment with Kimberly was one of the best things we did. After just two visits before embryo transfer and then again the day of transfer we were ecstatic to learn that the transfer had worked and we were expecting identical twins! I truly believe that the treatments were part and parcel of the success. I found Kimberly to be professional, supportive and caring. Her knowledge and expertise were exceptional. I would highly recommend booking an appointment with Kimberly for acupuncture for anyone struggling to conceive.

Kathryn, treatment for fertility 

'I visited Kimberly on a few occasions when suffering with tendinitis of foot/ankle and found the treatment worked well. Kimberly has a professional holistic approach and is sure to listen and promote a complete plan towards recovery.. well recommended.'

Antony, treatment for tendinitis

'I had been trying for 6 months to conceive our second child (first was easy!) without success. I decided to give acupuncture a try and found Kimberly Clark on the internet. I'd had issues with periods and a recent burst appendix and felt that my body was out of balance so thought acupuncture would help. At my first session, I felt very at ease with Kim who took a full history and was very professional and knowledgeable about fertility. I felt really relaxed and it didn't hurt at all. I had 4 sessions in total over a 2 month period- at my second session Kim did electro acupuncture. I remember feeling incredibly relaxed and calm during my sessions and I've always found it difficult to relax. After the 3rd session I felt that something has changed- I can't describe it but when I found out I was pregnant 2 months after starting acupuncture I really felt that it had been fundamental in helping me conceive. I'm now 35 weeks pregnant and all is going well so far. I'd wholeheartedly recommend Kim to anyone, her expertise, professionalism and warm nature made the sessions worthwhile and enjoyable. I really miss my acupuncture sessions and wouldn't hesitate to have acupuncture again for any other health issues.'

Louise, treatment for fertility

'Having suffered with migraines for a number of years and no luck with western treatments I visited Kim via a recommendation that acupuncture could really help... and it truly did. having regular treatments prevented my migraines and was the only thing that has ever worked for me. Kim is a professional individual who genuinely cares about your health and well being and uses the appointments to try and improve overall well being and not just the ongoing issue. she is very thorough with her consultation and I felt extremely relaxed in her presence. I'm devastated that she has relocated and I can no longer use her for treatment but would highly recommend her.'

Becky, treatment for migraine

 'After an immensely stressful period in my life I was diagnosed with suffering chronic panic attacks and associated stress headaches and had tried pretty much everything to resolve but nothing seemed to work. A friend suggested acupuncture and although I was sceptical as I thought it was a fad and would simply be more money wasted, I was also out of options so I booked in with Kim and had my first acupuncture session the following day. The results were instant, I could feel the panic abate albeit slightly, but I could see a glimmer of hope for the first time in a long time. I immediately booked in for a few more acupuncture sessions and each session brought additional relief and seemed to take me further from panic, the headaches were less frequent and I was getting back to, well being me! It didn't take long before I was panic free and living my life again! What I especially liked about Kim was her approach to my issues was caring and genuine and she spent as much time as was needed to fully understand the issues and impacts so she could then apply the correct application of acupuncture to ensure the best results. I cant thank Kim enough for the help and I cant recommend her enough, now if I feel stressed or fatigued or if I simply want to escape the world for a hour, then I have an acupuncture session and I feel on top of the world!'

Dean, Treatment for Stress and anxiety

''I have been receiving treatment from Kimberly for 12 months now. I have found real benefits from acupuncture during this period. Kimberly is very professional, highly knowledgeable and always researching to ensure she is providing the best possible treatment. I would recommend anyone unsure about acupuncture to try it at least once, as Kimberly is very reassuring, takes her time and explains what she is doing.''

Andrew, Treatment for well being

''Hi Kimberly, I just want to thank you for the treatments on my shoulder and elbows. I found you very kind and understanding to my situation and would not hesitate to use you again after such excellent results, many thanks. 

Tim, Treatment for shoulder and elbow pain

''Hi Kimberly, just a few words of thanks for all the help you have given me over the last few months I came to you suffering with stress I was exhausted and felt that every day chores were massive. I jumped at slightest noise and I felt that the stress was almost trying to burst out of my skin I really didn’t know which way to turn. I would wake up sluggish and with no joy at facing the day I have had two courses of treatment from you and even on the first treatment I found that when you had put all of the needles in I could feel my body relax and almost sink into the bed as the treatments progressed I realised that the tight band between my shoulder blades and the back of my neck was relaxing and the hovering headache wasn’t there anymore. Now I wake up in the morning ready to face my day and achieving all the goals I set myself something that I would not have believed a short time ago. I cope in a normal manner to stressful situations and do not feel overwhelmed. An added bonus has been that you have given me treatment for symptoms of the menopause as part of treating the whole person and as a consequence I have slept better and feel better, much more like myself. My life is once again filled with laughter and sunshine and I am a much better person to know and live with. So once again many thanks''

Gillian, Treatment for stress and women's health

''I had suffered with pain and discomfort from shoulder impingement, Physiotherapy helped but did not clear the problem. After a course of five treatments I no longer have pain or discomfort. Also because the technique Kimberly uses treats the whole person my long term lower back pain has settled & am more able to do lower garden work & heavy lifting with out flare ups.''

Mike, Treatment for shoulder impingement

''My goodness, what amazing success and relief I have received through acupuncture with Kimberly. She has tackled with stunning results, my jaw problem when I could barely open my mouth (TMJ), arthritis in my thumbs and persistent back pain experienced over many years, as well as considerable relief for verrucas, better sleep and more energy. Thank you so much.''

James McAllister, inital treatment for TMJ

''Excellent acupuncture treatment. Elbow problem sorted after years of pain. very pleased with the treatment and results, would recommend to any sufferer. Don't be over whelmed by the thought of needles, they don't hurt.''

Ted, Treatment for tennis elbow

''I was going through a stressful time at work, especially with the threat of redundancy so I thought I'd try something new to help. As I didn't know what to expect I was abit wary on the very first visit to see Kimberly. But she was great! She provided a very good service, making me feel at ease and comfortable. After a treatment of acupuncture I felt so relaxed and certainly more able to cope with the stresses at the time.''

Chris, Treatment for stress relief

''The acupuncture treatment I have been receiving for the last 6 weeks for neck pain has made such a difference. I am no longer taking the regular pain killers and am able to sleep undisturbed, after experiencing pain for the last 6 months. I had never received acupuncture treatment before and did not know much about it. The treatment is a relaxing and pleasurable experience. I would certainly recommend you to my friends, family and work colleagues.''

Ann, Treatment for neck pain